Jun. 18th, 2015

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Steven F. Udvar-Hazy center. Here are some warbirds. I wish I could've seen them flying; I'm not an enthusiast by any means, couldn't identify what I was seeing beyond 'WWII, airplane', but I do love the sound of their engines. You don't just hear them. You feel them, when they fly. The engine rumbles and roars and throbs. It's very visceral and earthy, but it comes from a thing that can FLY.

This ultralight was used to teach endangered cranes how to migrate. The gear in the display case was worn while raising the chicks, to prevent them imprinting on people.

Audrey and Mike found a few things they thought Mike's brother would appreciate:

Of course, the absolute highlights of the place were the SR-71 Blackbird, and the Space Shuttle Discovery.

They don't just display things here, of course. They also have a hanger which is used for restoration. What's really neat about that is how low-tech it actually is. Because they are often making just one of a thing, there's no reason to make fancy mass-production equipment. Mike and Nora watched a whole video about it, while Audrey and I just stared through the glass at the other end of the hanger. They had everything from pieces of an Apollo space arm, to airplanes that helped search for boats at Pearl Harbor.

There was also an ATC tower, with real-time radio and radar from the Dulles Airport. Totally worth the convention-style crowded elevator.

That's all for this post; I'll put up the Cabin Pressure themed pictures in a separate post for those who prefer to skip the fannish stuff.


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