Apr. 20th, 2017

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Now that our trip to Chincoteague is well behind us, I'm going to be using this blog to track two things: I'm going to start running (again) with the goal of doing a half marathon by September.

And, since I've taken the job of costumer for a local community theater group, I'm going to be blogging about that journey.

Things about me, the runner:
I've done this before, with my max distance being 10K as a workout. Never ran a race that was more than 5K. I've not run since...November, I think. So, starting from the beginning again. But with the knowledge that I've successfully done this in the past. That's probably offset by the hefty dose of self-loathing for having let it all fall apart, the weight come back on, stopped tracking my blood sugars...yeah, depression is a BITCH. But next week, starting Monday, I'm back at it.

Things about me, the costumer:
I do not have a theater degree. I've not taken a sewing class since Home Ec in high school. But I love crafting and I love costumes and I love theater. And, let's be honest, these things make me an attractive prospect for a small group with slim budgets.

My first show is a period melodrama, which I'll probably be costuming at the same time as my second show, Singin' in the Rain Junior. The other thing I need to do is create a costume inventory. I've been approved as a storage facility for the entire stock, I guess it's a lot, so I'm currently working on a spreadsheet type record, perhaps tied to a photographic catalog. I'm under no illusions that this will be fast, or easy, or that I'm going to make even minimum wage.

But I have always wanted to do this sort of thing. Always. For various reasons, I let that dream go. But it came back to find me, and I'm going to grab that thing with both hands and hold on TIGHT.

So, that's that. Time to make up some tags, I guess. And decide on a posting schedule.


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