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Nora has been complaining, off and on, about ear discomfort. It was finally uncomfortable enough that we made the decision, on Monday, to just push straight through and get home.

25 hours on the road. We got home at 6:55 local time, and had her in to the pediatrician at 9:15.

That includes grabbing lunch (and a geocache) in West Virginia, and holing up in a rest area somewhere after the time-change but before the Indiana border when a freak storm made navigation impossible.

I don't know what's more 'endless'; the mountains, or the expressway in Illinois. The tollway was it's own special hell, but we made it through.

But here are some pictures from the long drive home, as well as the delightful gift of nature that greeted me this evening.

Wallops Island NOAA/NASA/US Navy facility. Sadly, we didn't make it to the visitor center. Actually, I'm not all that sad. Because BEACH.

A boat, which we saw from the Bay Bridge in Maryland.

Sideling Hill

Runaway Truck Ramp (not the steep one, sadly)

That might've been about enough...

Pileated Woodpecker in my backyard. Now, there've been these in my yard a couple times a year since we moved in. I've never managed to get a good shot of one. But the camera was still set on sport mode, and this beauty has been hanging out all afternoon, calling and flitting from one tree to another. So.


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