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I'd have gone with Arthur's self-recorded ice cream chimes, but that would've been both tedious and clear only to those who know the show.

There are three ice cream parlors on the island, two of which are marvelously forthcoming about ingredients on their website. Ice Cream Every Day!

Mr Whippy, dipped cones

Island Creamery

Mr Whippy, sprinkle cone and Banana Split

(the rest of the family was wise, and got much smaller items)

Today, it being Father's Day, Mike was given the choice, so it's back to Island Creamery. Yay!

A few other things that we found of interest:

A funny thing happened yesterday.

The girls were sitting on the beach, having a break from intense shell hunting. They were watching the waves, digging in the sand a bit. A little boy, about three years old, walked up to Emma and asked what they were doing.

"Looking for shells," she answered him.

Apparently, not everyone is down with looking for shells. He very purposefully walked away, out of sight behind them, then scooped up to giant handfuls of gloopy wet sand. His mom, over to one side, caught sight of what was happening and began moving to intercept. She had longer legs but he had the shorter distance and was driven by righteous indignation; the girls were oblivious, the sound of waves covering his approach. Just as he raised his hands up over his head, in the instant before he hurled the sand down Emma's exposed neck, his mom swooped forward and grabbed him.

She chastised him, told him not to throw sand at the girls who were just sitting on the beach, and took him some distance away where there were no handy targets.

The girls were saved, no tears were shed, and An Incident was avoided. Thank Goddess my kids are older.

Crabs. There were also mantises of some variety or other, all along a post at the Tom's Cove Visitor Center. They don't photograph very well.
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