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Best. Day. Ever.

It started with going to get our park permit. Assateague is a National Park. Yesterday, Audrey and I walked to the gate, but today we drove through. Tom's Cover Visitor Center is over there, and I thought we could visit that. We found it, but didn't actually make it inside today. Because it's also right next to this:

My friends, we have reached the beach. The Atlantic Ocean. Everything was beautiful.

So we hung out there for a little while, then we drove back to the townhome style motel. I ran to the beach wear shop next door and found mesh shell-collecting bags and a sweatshirt for me. Then it was time for our pony cruise. On a boat. On the ocean.

On the Virginia side of the island, there are two bands of ponies.

We saw both bands. Several foals.

The cruises advertise wildlife, and didn't disappoint.


Also bunches of shore birds, terns, gulls, pelicans. Bald Eagle. The lighthouse, which I might tour tomorrow if I feel up to the 175 stairs.

Our captain was AMAZING. We saw so much. No dolphins, but I wasn't unhappy about that; they're wild animals, after all. Daisey's Island Cruises, if you're ever out that way and want a recommendation.

We were headed back to the docks, and I was feeling a bit sad that the whole thing was over, but our captain had another surprise for us. He asked how old the girls are, and then...

(That's reverse age order, so Nora got to go FIRST)

Ice Cream for lunch, that was fun. Then back to the beach for shell collecting and playing in the waves. The girls and I were splashing around, getting our eyes and mouths full of salt and generally having a fabulous time, and Mike started calling me up to the edge and pointing out beyond the waves...a dolphin!

No pics, but I SAW A DOLPHIN.

There's a great restaurant that does delivery, so there was seafood for dinner (and really good pizza for those who can't partake thereof).

I'm going for a walk later, because that lighthouse still lights up.

Best. Day. Ever.

(didn't make it to see the lighthouse, but we did go get saltwater taffy before succumbing to exhaustion)
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