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kestrel337 ([personal profile] kestrel337) wrote2015-06-12 09:44 pm

Let's All Go Down to Washington, DC

Ba-dum, ba-dum...

Yellow Car Count 6/12: 123
Yellow Care Count Trip: 209

We counted hawks yesterday, and got a total of 17. And our secondary counting item today was motorcycles, of which we counted 45 but I bet there were more.

Highlight of today's drive was MOUNTAINS. I don't have very many pictures of those, although I think Audrey probably got a bunch.

An interesting thing: There are these special things, we saw two of them, in the mountains. They are signed as 'runaway truck ramp'. And yes, that's exactly what they are. I wish I'd gotten a picture of the first one we saw. A lane, which ran off into a gravel driveway that sloped up at some ridiculously sharp angle. It had very definite wheel marks in it, which I hope were from the unlucky highway worker who had to grade the gravel.

So, without further ado, here are our pictures.

Selfie (or two) in every state: Ohio

Selfie in every state: West Virginia

Selfie in every state: Pennsylvania

Selfie in every state: Maryland

We also drove a bit through Virginia, but by that time there were people sleeping and people frazzled picture happened.

Two geocaches today, one in Ohio and one in Maryland. And Audrey climbed a tree in Ohio.